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188 / 5,000
might buy a PM is i got enough points
and maybe i'll share some if i had many
and might buy a random deviant a PM too if i had many


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FioPonez's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
heyya! i'm Fiorine a.k.a Elisabeth!
call me Fiorine or Elisabeth is fine!

i'm the little sister of hikari110495!

i draw mlp most of the times, so yeah...
but i like photography as my hobby
maybe in some rare case i'll upoad some of my pictures though *wink wink*


But why  -base- by FioPonez
But why -base-
1. i don't want a 5 seconds mane-drawing. do it more like 5 minutes
2. don't steal or reposting the base
3. credit me
4. you don't need to link back

original (c) screenshot
Princess Luna (my style) by FioPonez
Princess Luna (my style)
failed horrendously at the tail...... I HATE U TAILS

Base (c) flaremane
Luna (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro
Art and design (c) me

Edited the image
for some reason. a few people can't see it XD
Adoptable by FioPonez
She's 10-20 :points:, nuff said 0W0

adopted by: :dev????????????:

Base (c) softybases

New (adopted) OC by FioPonez
New (adopted) OC
Name: Starite
nickname: Starry, Starlite

since having no mane ideas is boring, i search for an open adoptable instead, and Starite actually caught my attention
since my favorite color is actually purple
soooooooo................. yeah

Base (c) softybases
Starite (c) me
Design (c) LexiAngelo12xx (thanks a lot though XD)
Robo Pony Adoptable (my updated specie) by FioPonez
Robo Pony Adoptable (my updated specie)
eeeyup, trying to update the specie (still in progress tho)

and maybe i'll do adoptables though X3

1. she's the common type of the Robo Pony with only robotic ear
2. her tail can show her battery level (green: full, yellow: half full, red: needs rest, black: dead until charged)
3. she can eat vegetables
4. she talks with the microphone on her chest even though her mouth can make some noises
5. gradiented line on her face
6. the battery indicator on her ear can glow only the default colors (i like to say it indicator XD)
7. she eats energy from almost any electric stuff she can find to charge herself
8. extremely friendly towards other ponies

she's 25-40 :points: cuz she's special =w=

Base (c) LiviaPony-Bases
Robo Ponies (c) me (closed species until i finished the new reference sheet)
this pony (c) me (temporarily)

Adopted By: :dev?????:

the rulse are still the same okay?


Vexel making
Twiley Is Angry Vexel by FioPonez Twidash Vexel by FioPonez Pinkie Pie -VEXEL- by FioPonez

just send me a link to a screenshot/vector (if it was vector, please show me the proof that the owner has a permission for me to make it as a vexel... sorry, bad english XD)

~2 ponies = additional 10 :points:
~3 ponies = additional 20 :points:
~4+ ponies = depends on how many ponies will it have(bad english XD)

max 8 ponies in one vexel

if it was a screenshot from Youtube, make sure the settings is on the number 360, 720, or the hd ones
Base making
Looking At Something Base by FioPonez
Twilight Wink With Mane Base by FioPonez
U Are Upside Down Base by FioPonez
can be made from a vector (from another deviant or from you that you commissioned)

adding horns and wings will cost additional 5 :points: (if the base has more than one, it'll be the same though XD)
i'm not that greedy okay? :/

~ 2 ponies will cost additional 5 :points:
~ 3 ponies will cost additional 10 :points:
~ 4+ ponies will cost depends on how many ponies will it be (bad english XXD) 

if it's a vector, make sure you have a full permission of the owner
drawing your OC/Base edit/Dolling
GIFT: Starlight Shimmer by FioPonez GIFT: Lightning Star by FioPonez Request: Redesigned Cassia by FioPonez

i'm improved a lot okay?
if your oc has a lot of detail on her/him, that'll be cost additional 10 :points:
Custom Ponies
Custom for CassiaPonyArtist by FioPonez

no advanced-pro-stuff mane and/or accessories
i'm not good at drawing fluffy body parts and/or accessories

filling out this form may help my day:
Coat color:
Secondary color:
Eye color:
Mane color:
Themed from:

i can't make a species that is closed for me...
so try to make your own species or search for an open one
MLP Shippings
Shipping: Lunestia OCs by FioPonez New Oc Needs A Name by FioPonez -title- by FioPonez

canonXcanon or canonXoc or ocXoc

no Discord shipping, because i can't do any part of his body
Lineless Pony
GIFT: Cassia by FioPonez REQUEST: Hikari110495's OC by FioPonez

Base (c) k-ouha

Hybrid tail (like lion tails, kirin tails, etc.) will take longer time

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Hey Fio,I need to explain why i'm not responding to your calls and texts right? xDD

Well I have my internet but my parents are home Dxxxxxx

I will tryyyyyy to call u next week k?
FioPonez Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer

Okay XD

And sorry 4 da call spam tho
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